In 2010, L’eggs wanted to reinvigorate their brand and launch a new shapewear product in their hosiery line. Research led to a new strategic platform, which informed the launch of L’eggs’ new branding with their first national tv spot in more than 14 years.

Agency: Erwin Penland  |  Roles from 2010–2014: Creative Supervisor, Senior Art Director, Art Director

Watercolor illustration mixed with imagery of confident, fashion-forward women modernized the brand and told the story of the confidence boost women get when they feel good about their appearance.
Social Content Marketing
In 2012, with research and planning, “Helping women support women” was developed as the choice-based content marketing strategy from which all social content would be created. We developed buckets of ongoing content that mixed with promotional, seasonal and current events as both organic and promoted posts.

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